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Sept 14, 2013 at 8:30am, Cousin Michael
(as he was know to so many)
gave up his fight with cancer and joined his Mother and Ancestors.

Michael Reitmeier
 Michael Erwin Reitmeier

Born in Crookston, MN on Dec. 9, 1954
Departed on Sep. 14, 2012 and resided in Crookston, MN.
Visitation: Tuesday, Sep. 18, 2012  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Service: Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2012   11:00 am
Cemetery: Oakdale Cemetery  Next to His Grandfather and Grandmother Reitmeier
Michael Erwin Reitmeier, 57, of Crookston, MN, died at the family farm Friday morning, September 14, 2012, following a courageous battle against cancer. Mike was born in Crookston on December 9, 1954, and was the first of three children of the union of Erwin "Mike" and Barbara (Preisen) Reitmeier. He grew up on the family farm, and was baptized and confirmed at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Crookston. He was a member of the Crookston High School class of 1973. Due to the nature of his job, Michael's spent much of his time in the northwest United States, where he met and married Angela Heffernan on June 18, 1983 in Puyallup, Washington. From their union, they were blessed with two daughters, Alison and Heidi Reitmeier. Michael was employed as a truck driver by Northern Co-Op, Palouse Producers, and Altendorf Trucking. On May 16, 2006, Michael was united in marriage to Jen Kiene in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two worked together to start Blue Marble Trucking, which Michael owned until March of 2012 when he became too sick to continue the business.

Michael enjoyed doing anything that required tinkering and working with his hands. While he worked with his dad, on the family farm, he also enjoyed hunting with the Reitmeier men and fishing at Lake of the Woods with his dad. He was also the proud owner of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, of which he took a great deal of pride in. He was a member of various bowling leagues in North Dakota as well as a part of a dart league in Grand Forks. May God bless Michael's memory.

Michael is survived by his dad, Erwin "Mike" Reitmeier of Crookston; two daughters, Alison Reitmeier of Lewiston, Idaho and Heidi Reitmeier of Missoula, Montana; sisters Mari Beth Reitmeier of Fargo, ND and Lori (Randy) Wolff of East Grand Forks, MN and their children Cody and Erin; and many cousins who loved him dearly. Michael is preceded in death by his mom, Barbara Jean Reitmeier who died in 2005; and his grandparents, Edward and Ida Reitmeier, Bessie Rudd, and Alferd Preisen. The family would like to thank all the caregivers that helped Mike during all of this, especially Sheila Seyerson, Winston Johnson, Jackie Tjossem, Lacy Bridgeford, Jodi Jorgenson, and all family members who helped. 

A funeral service celebrating the life of Michael Erwin Reitmeier will be held Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. in Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Crookston, with the Rev. Timothy Winterstein, officiating. Visitation with the family will be Tuesday, September 18, 2012 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. with a prayer service at 7:00 p.m. at Stenshoel-Houske Funeral Home, and also for one hour prior to the funeral service. Burial will take place at Oakdale Cemetery immediately following the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials to the family are preferred.  

Willard Reitmeier
Willard Wentzel Reitmeier, 94, a lifelong Crookston, Minnesota resident, died peacefully late Wednesday evening, January 6, 2010, at the Villa St. Vincent Nursing Home in Crookston.     Memories and Obit here.

In the winter of 1995, Willard was interviewed by German
foreign exchange student Henry Foerster about his
experiences in World War II.   
Here's the text of that interview 

Memories of Grace Reitmeier  HERE

Willard turns 93!  Pictures Here


Here's Willard and his great niece Halle Halloween 2008

Another Reitmeier welcomed into the world! 
Niclas Reitmeier
Son from Markus und Claudia Reitmeier
Grandson from my Brother Martin u. Roswita Reitmeier from Ottobeuren.

* 24 Juni 2008 at Scheidegg, Germany

12,20, 2005 Halle Ruth Reitmeier, born to Paul & Leah at about 12:20 am.

Memorial Day Grave Responsibility for Crookston Cemetery

 2006 Willard Family 2012 2018 2024 2030
 2007 Edward Family 2013 2019 2025 2031
2008 Lloyd Family 2014 2020 2026 2032
 2009 Marvin Family 2015 2021 2027 2033
 2010 Ernest Family 2016 2022 2028 2034
 2011 Erwin Family 2017 2023 2029 2035

Great Grand Parents (8 plots)
Uncle John
GrandPa ED/Grandma Ida /Arnold/Pauline/Michael  (6? plots)
Meda & Mike Buness
Eric Reitmeier
(NW of Grandpa Edward, aprox 100 ft)
Willard Reitmeier Family (4 plots)
Lloyd/Audry (2 plots)
Marvin/Aldores (2 plots)
Erwin/Barbara (2 plots)
Ernest/Joyce (2 plots)

Edward/Lucille    Fisher


Irene Ross (1/10/1921)  Widow of Amos (7/13/17) Mother to Gayle Wardner
Willard Reitmeier  91st Birthday  Widower of Grace  Parents to John & Jane
Joyce Reitmeier Widow of Ernest
Lloyd Reitmeier  Husband of Audry
Erwin (Mike) Reitmeier Widower of Barbara
Willis Wagner  Widower of Marilyn (Tangen)
Marvin & Aldores Reitmeier

Children of Edward H and Ida Reitmeier were/are
Arnold Willard Edward Meda Lloyd Marvin Ernest Erwin  (Mike)

Sugarbeet museum honors Reitmeiers  (Crookston Times Summer 2005)

By Mike Christopherson, Managing Editor

The thing that makes the local sugarbeet museum initiative so interesting, John Reitmeier explained Wednesday, is that it encompasses the entire history of sugarbeet farming in Crookston and the Red River Valley.

"Wheat has been farmed for thousands and thousands of years," Reitmeier said while standing in a quonset to get out of the rain at the farm of his father, Willard. "Sugarbeets are a new crop, going back less than 100 years, with inventions and innovations developed in the lifetimes of the people you see here. A lot of the testing and development was conducted right on these very fields."

The "people" that various members of the media could see surrounding Reitmeier were many other Reitmeier men, including great-grandsons, grandsons and sons of Edward H. Reitmeier, who's son Willard is being honored by the local sugarbeet museum initiative.

Although the museum is not yet completed at the former Crookston Implement site on the east edge of town, the eight people behind the project are hosting their inaugural Harvest Festival on Sunday, Sept. 11. In accordance with what they're hoping becomes an annual celebration, they want to honor an individual or farm family each year that have "done a lot to develop this industry," explained Allan Dragseth, who heads up the museum initiative. This first year, Willard Reitmeier, the surviving patriarch of the Edward H. Reitmeier family and second oldest son of Edward H., is being honored.

Willard will be a featured guest at the Harvest Festival, and in Saturday's Ox Cart Days Torchlight Parade he'll be a passenger in a convertible.

Dragseth said the honor doesn't have a specific name yet, and museum leaders aren't in a big hurry to come up with one. "There are so many halls of fame and other awards, we're going to take our time and come up with something that fits," he said.

Rich history

Willard Reitmeier, seated on the left in the golf cart, was joined by several other Reitmeiers Wednesday at the announcement that he's being honored, on behalf of the Edward H. Reitmeier family, by the local sugarbeet museum initiative. (Mike Christopherson, Photographer)

In the 1920s sugarbeet cultivation was much different than it is today. Beets were handled mostly by hand, pulled from the ground one row at a time, the tops taken off with a machete that had a curved hook at the end, then thrown into rows. Those rows were loaded into carts with pitchfork like shovels and then driven to a rail station where they were again loaded by hand onto rail cars headed to Chaska for processing.

Willard, as a result of the loss of his Wife, Grace, is now living back on the family farm, the farm he developed since his return from World War II. Although he's not circling the fields in any of the newer and bigger equipment, there's still a daily "tour" of the fields, either in his pickup truck or in an antique Harley Davidson golf cart.

Often over the years the story has been told of how the farm wives were as close to farming as the men. In the early years Willard farmed with his next oldest brother Edward, Jr., and the women not only did all the work that's been glorified in historical cookbooks, but Grace and Lucille traded off days of standing on the back of the sugarbeet loader and separating the beets from the clumps of mud that were coming by the conveyer belt. It was one day of cooking for the entire crew along with running a household, followed by a day of throwing mud clumps standing on a moving machine in all kinds of weather. Grace always used to ask, "Which day was the vacation day?"

At the Harvest Festival, there will be shuttle busses to take people from the museum to nearby beet fields and grain fields where they can watch how the labor intensive harvesting used to go. There will be a one row harvester of the same model that the women used to ride along with a large display of equipment from the early days right up to our current, modern times, Dragseth explained.

All of the Reitmeier sons became farmers. The eldest, Arnold became the first sugarbeet "boss" of the family. He passed away in 1953. Other brothers include Willard, Edward, Marvin, Lloyd, Ernest and Erwin (Mike). Now Edward H. Reitmeier's grandsons and great-grandsons are carrying on the tradition.

(Picture: Seated Marvin, Standing John Seated Willard, Lloyd, Justin, Mike (Erwin, Everett, Ronald, Leroy Paul, Standing Lance, Jason)



A n c e s t o r y . c o m states they have found 21 matches in New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891
10 matches in Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s 8 matches in New York Port, Ship Images, 1851-1891
1 matches in New York Petitions for Naturalization 1 matches in Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1883-1945
3 matches in Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
and this is part of a chart of Reitmeier's coming to America
If you have info about the above, please let me know.


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Salesia Reitmeier
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Lorenz Reitmeier was taken through Dachau in 1945 as a 14 year old.it's quite a story...  English version  
Wrestler Franz Reitmeier with his medals...looks to be from 1920
Some emigrant info from the 1800's I don't know of these folks 
Back in 1919 Robert Reitmeier was a parish Priest in Mississippi
George Reitmeier was a hero, when he was 10 he saved a drowning boy and lost his life.

Dr. Glen Reitmeier is one of the biggies in digital TV.  You'll find his name all over the internet.  Here's his picture.  Think of him when you watch your TV 
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We've got a cameraman in the family: Lutz Reitmeier
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Allen Reitmeier, United States Army Infantry Officer Candidate School Fort Benning, GA 18 Nov 68 ~ 19 May 69

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Great Grandpa was William Reitmeier. he was born June 30, 1840 at Danzig Prussia and immigrated to Wisconsin in 1865. He was married to Wilhelmina Yahr born July 4, 1849 the daughter of Michael Yahr born August 8,1801 and his wife Elizabeth born FEb. 23, 1812. Wilhelmina was born at Teckelenbeg Westphalen. 

Hallo, Im Rudi Maus from Germany and Im looking for the following living Reitmeier-Individuals:
Peter Paul REITMEIER,  Armella Hedwig (BARTHEL) Reitmeier,
children:  Dianna Marie Reitmeier, Paulette Cecelia REITMEIER, Anna REITMEIER, Paul Titus REITMEIER,
children of Paul Titus: Kaitlyn Anna REITMEIER, Taylor Cornelis REITMEIER, Grayson Peter REITMEIER,

Can anybody help me. All the Reitmeier-individuals are cousins and decends from my MAUS-line. So I try to get in contact to share all the info I have.
If you have any information, clue or an idea to make progress in searching the REITMEIER family, please send me a mail to rudi.maus@t-online.de
Thanks so far, Rudi

Also from our friends in Germany, several of the registered coat of arms over the years, and the various spellings of the name!  (Permission to use freely given, but please link/make reference to this site!) 

What does the Crest info/color all mean?

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Appears to be the oldest!

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Below is the coat of arms that most of our family has had reproduced (or a variation thereof), however it appears to be for a different spelling! 

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What appears to be our most recent & current Coat of Arms!  

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What does the Crest info/color all mean?

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What does the Crest info/color all mean?

This arrived in January 2003

Hallo john, (sorry for my bad english)

my name is Michael Reithmeier and i come from Germany (Baden-Wuerttemberg/Black Forest). I found your page on the internet and some interesting information about the Reithmeiers and

I saw some coat of arms, too. Therefore i send you my family crest.

 Greetings from Germany   (Michael's email is:  michael.reithmeier@gmx.de

Click the thumbnail for larger image

coat of arms of the family Reitmeier

Acharius Reyttmair received from the Kaiser
letter dated May of 1559


  Places I've Lived:

Childhood:  Dec 1951 till spring of 71 Route 1 Box 24, Crookston MN 56716  
spring 71 Floodeen farmstead   1 quarter of college UMC  
summer 71 Back to the farm   fall last qtr College UMC  
Spring/summer 72 traveling across W. Canada in band  
aug 72 706 234 Ronald Street    Winnipeg   YAMAHA Music Center  1330 Portage Ave Winnipeg Manitoba  
Spring 73 On the Road with the bands Pierce Hartford, C&J Show, New Canadian Downbeats, the Incredible Laughing Band  
  Penthouse #9 200 Ronald Street Winnipeg   Yamaha Canada  (wholesale div)  
fall 75 or 6? 46 Carmen Terrace   (mobile home)  Jonathan's Music Shoppe  
  South Washington   Farmstead  Jonathan's  
  Farm   Closed Jonathan's  
fall 77-winter 78 Cedar Square West  in MSP where Mary Tyler Moore show was set 
Brown College
  Farm   KNOX Farm Director    
  Duplex south end of Grand Forks  with Jane    KNOX   then KRAD nighttime DJ  
  Mobile Home  in EGF with Jane   Mars Drive  KRAD  nighttime, then AM  then middays  
Fall 79 TO CAL!   Bob's Apt in Cal    Car across had license  IM1RU12  
  Apartment  east side of Vegas  (shadow of sunrise mountain)  KDWN first job    Fall 79-Feb 80  
Spring 80 Farm   FM97  KDWZ  Radio station  
  prison style apartment building in vegas    Nights KDWN   on Paradise Road   
  Fisher Space Pen  Boulder City  
  17413  Tiara Street Encino  
83 KORK   News Director Vegas    Apt.  E. Las Vegas  2nd floor  
    1st Gall bladder operation  Ecino
  17413 Tiara Street  Encino CA  left for TN in Aug  
  325 Honey Hill Drive, Nashville TN Watched first Oprah show  Gall Bladder Operation fix at Vanderbuilt
  Red Beam Drive   Torrance   worked for Accountants on Call  rental  
  Van Ness Ave     4 bedroom Condo in Torrance  Accountants on Call  
88-91? 5940 High Place Drive  San Diego,    sold for 641,000  in 2004  mostly Fisher Pen  
?1991 Arno Road   House high on a hill SE of Franklin  past school  Transition house  
?1991-1994 Carothers House 4301 Carothers Road, Franklin TN  B&B  
March 3, 1994-Present 28691 230th Street SW   Crookston, MN  (was know as Route 1 box 24)   
As yet unknown date. Heaven