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A little INFO about the REITMEIER Surname

The German origin name is considered to be a compound name including "reit" and "meier."  Research has come up with 3 origins. 

1. Toponymic Origin.  "From a place name near which the original bearer lived or held land."   There are place names in Germany like, REUTH, REITH, near Hutschenreuth and Herbstreith.

2. Locative Origin. "From a particular feature, either man made or natural, near which the original bearer lived or held land.  Variants of the name include, Reitmayer, Reithmaier and Reithmeier which are derived from the Upper German word "reut" and the Old High German work "riuti" meaning a clearing, so the name referred to "one who dwelled by or near a clearing."

3. Nickname Origin. "From a physical characteristic or personal attribute of the initial name bearer."  Variant of the surname "Reitmayer," meaning "the mayor in repent," derived from the German word "meier" meaning "Mayor."

References to this surname or to a variant includes a record of one named, "REUTMEIR," a server of Nickaretz in 1570, who was then recorded in 1573 as Benedikt Reitmeier.  Michael Reutmayer was a citizen and baker of Straubing who was granted a coat of arms on December 12, 1651 from Count Max Hundt of Lautterbach.  Josel Reittmayer was granted nobility and a coat of arms from King Franz in 1775.

Blazon of Arms:
The coat of arms in verse is described as: Quarterly, first and fourth azure; on a mound of three vert; a lion rampant or; holding a cornucopia or; filled with flowers.  Second and third argent; issuing from a wall chequy and or; a horse rearing sable.  Crest: Between a vol the dexter or on azure; the sinister sable on argent; the lion of the arms issuing from a crown or; holding the cornucopia of the arms.  

Rampant - (ramp'-ant) Said of a beast of prey, as a lion, rising with fore paws in the air., as if attacking. The right fore leg and the right hind leg should be raised higher than the left. Unless otherwise specified, the animal faces dexter.

Vert  The color/tincture green. 1. Green vegetation that can serve as cover for deer. Used in English forest law. 2.The right to cut such vegetation.) represents Hope, Joy, Love

Chequy Divided into small alternating squares of two tinctures; -- said of the field or of an armorial bearing. A field divided into small squares, of different tinctures, resembling a chess board. Usually made up of seven squares in the top line, and in depth according to the length of the shield.

Gules The color red, indicated on a blazon by vertical lines.

Sable The tincture black; -- represented by vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other.  Represents constancy.

Vol - A pair of wings; two wings conjoined and displayed in base

Dexter - The right; situated on the right. The dexter side of the shield is that opposite the left hand of the spectator.

Azure - Bright blue. Used especially in describing the escutcheons of gentlemen beneath the degree of baron. The same color on a nobleman's coat is called sapphire, from the stone, and that on the coat of a sovereign prince Jupiter, from the planet of that name. Engravers represent azure in heraldry by horizontal lines.

Cornucopia - Bounty of Nature's gifts

Lion - dauntless or deathless courage

Horse - readiness for all events - Readiness for all employments for king and country.  


Another version of explainations...
BLAZON (Wappen der Familie Reitmeier):
ARMS (Shield):
Quarterly 1st: azure upon a trimount vert a lion rampant or holding a cornucopia paleways inverted of the latter, issuing forth three roses, 2nd: argent issuing from a wall chequy gules and or a horse rampant sable
CREST (Helmet):
Issuing from a crest coronet between a vol per fesse the dexter or on azure the sinister sable on argent, the lion of the arms holding a cornucopia
MANTLE (Decken):

Not deScribed (Mantling is seldom deScribed unless other than the Primary Tinctures are to be used - it usually adheres to the tinctures of the Crest)

None recorded (It is rare for the German Achievement to deScribe a motto)


Quarterly - (Means the Shield is divided into 4 Quarters)
1st: - (Means the 1st (& 4th) Quarters of the Shield are going to be deScribed (by the Heraldic Scribe) next)
azure upon a trimount vert - (Means the 1st (& 4th) Quarters of the Shield are Blue (Azure=Blue) and will have "Something" (to be deScribed later) standing upon a Green (Vert=Green) tripple hilled "Mound" (Trimount), suggestive of "rolling grassy hills" - Note: to those who've noticed that the Green Trimount upon the Blue Shield portion, breaks one of the cardinal rules of Heraldry, please do not be alarmed, as this is very common in the Trimount of the German achievement)
a lion rampant or - (Means, in profile & standing on one hind leg, a Golden (Or=Gold) Male, Rampaging (Rampant) Lion)
holding a cornucopia paleways inverted of the latter, issuing forth three roses - (Means the Lion is holding, in his paws, a Cornucopia which is oriented vertically (Paleways) and is "upside-down" (Inverted) & is to be colored Golden (of the latter - means of the last color mentioned, which is Gold (Or=Gold)) & is pouring out (Issuing forth) 3 Roses. Note: The Roses (Heraldic Roses) may be either Golden or Silver, as it wasn't specifically deScribed)
2nd: - (Means the 2nd (& 3rd) Quarters of the Shield are going to be deScribed (by the Scribe) next)
argent issuing from a wall chequy gules and or - (Means the 2nd (& 3rd) Quarters of the Shield will be colored Silver (Argent=Silver) & each will have "Something" (to be deScribed later) "come out" (issue) from a Wall that is "Checkerboard square like" (Chequy) with alternating Red (Gules=Red) and Golden (Or=Gold) squares. The Wall is symbolic of a masonry or rock Wall. In Heraldry, it's drawn "Embattled", which means that the top row will be missing every other square - this is so that the primary "Tincture Rule" of Heraldry won't be broken by having Yellow (Gold) on White (Silver), (Metal on Metal), which would also be poor contrast. The Chequy Wall usually will have 7 pieces in each row & usually 3 rows but will have as many rows as are needed to fill the Shield (or Shield portion) to the bottom (this is termed "Allthrough") - that was too much info, wasn't it?)
a horse rampant sable - (Means we finally find out what "Issues" from the Wall & it's a rearing Black (Sable=Black) Stallion - the Horse has the same "attitude/orientation" as the Lion (Rampant) but when an animal is "Issuant", only its upper torso is shown)

Issuing from a crest coronet - (Means "Something" (to be deScribed later) will "come out" (issue) from a Crest Coronet (often called a "Ducal Coronet"), which is a "Crown-like" device that has no significance except either for Helmet decoration or to signify Government Service - it's always drawn with only 3 of its 4 Strawberry leaves shown & without jewels)
between a vol - (Means "Something" (to be deScribed later) will go between a pair of uplifted Wings conjoined at the base (a Vol))
the dexter or on azure - (Means the Vol Wing to the (Viewers) left (Dexter) is colored Golden (Or=Gold) on the top half & Blue (Azure=Blue) on its bottom half)
the sinister sable on argent - (Means the Vol Wing to the (Viewers) right (Sinister) is colored Black (Sable=Black) on the top half & Silver (Argent=Silver) on its bottom half - Note: If the Vol were a Bird (for example), Dexter would be its Right side & Sinister its left))
the lion of the arms holding a cornucopia - (Means a Lion, just like the one in the Shield (Arms) is what goes between the wings of the Vol & it's holding a Cornucopia - this entire Crest is then affixed, together with the Coronet, & Mantling, to the Helmet, which is drawn in Profile with the Visor closed or with No Visor nor Grilles - the kind used by a "Bürgerliche" (Esquire/Commoner/Citizen))

Crown (Coronet) - (Authority)
Chequy - (Constancy)
Cornucopia - (Bounty of natures gifts)
Horse - (Readiness for all employments for king and country)
Lion - (Courage)
Rose - (Hope and joy - mark of cadency of the 7th son)
Rose (White) - (Love and faith)
Trimount - (Unknown - very common German Device)
Vol (Wings) - (Swiftness, protection, celebrity, or coverture)
Wall - (Unknown)
Argent (Silver) - (Peace and sincerity)
Azure (Blue) - (Loyalty and truth)
Gules (Red) - (Military fortitude and magnanimity)
Or (Gold) - (Generosity)
Sable (Black) - (Constancy, sometimes grief)
Vert (Green) - (Hope, joy and sometimes loyalty in love)




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Great Grandpa was William Reitmeier. he was born June 30, 1840 at Danzig Prussia and immigrated to Wisconsin in 1865. He was married to Wilhelmina Yahr born July 4, 1849 the daughter of Michael Yahr born August 8,1801 and his wife Elizabeth born FEb. 23, 1812. Wilhelmina was born at Teckelenbeg Westphalen. 

Hallo, I´m Rudi Maus from Germany and I´m looking for the following living Reitmeier-Individuals:
Armella Hedwig (BARTHEL) Reitmeier,
Dianna Marie Reitmeier,
Paulette Cecelia REITMEIER,
children of Paul Titus:
Kaitlyn Anna REITMEIER,
Taylor Cornelis REITMEIER,
Grayson Peter REITMEIER,

Can anybody help me. All the Reitmeier-individuals are cousins and decends from my MAUS-line. So I try to get in contact to share all the info I have.
If you have any information, clue or an idea to make progress in searching the REITMEIER family, please send me a mail to rudi.maus@t-online.de
Thanks so far, Rudi

Also from our friends in Germany, several of the registered coat of arms over the years, and the various spellings of the name!  (Permission to use freely given, but please link/make reference to this site!) 

Appears to be the oldest!

Below is the coat of arms that most of our family has had reproduced (or a variation thereof), however it appears to be for a different spelling!