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Over the years many people come and go in our lives. 

This is a list of people that I would like to hear from again.  Perhaps if they find themselves on this list they'll send an email, or call, or write and rather than having a "What ever happened to those folks," feeling, I'll at least know where they are and what they're doing.


So in no particular order:

Jason Laske,  Worked for me doing web pages and other computer projects in 96-97

Jeremy Driscoll,  internet stuff 96-97

David Fisher

Any of the kids that went to Farmers Union Camp at Lake Sarah in the late 50's early 60's  BTW Luella Jacobson (as of Sept 2003) is alive and well and living in North Dakota.  Talked to her last month and it was GREAT reliving those memories!

Any of the kids/counselors at the Farmers Union Camp at Sibley State Park near Willmar in the late 60's.  Remember Mel (Maurice Melbo) the bus driver?  Or BOB?  What happened to BOB? 

Any of the folks who worked at FM97 KDWZ back in it's first year of operation.  Phil & Deb Sonkson were the owners.  I've heard that Phil passed away, might be a rumor.  Tried for Deb at several of her maiden named folks in Iowa but no connection.  Wow their kids would be 23-over 30 now.