My FRIENDS AND FAMILY  in no particular Order!

Carston Pohlman & GF Birgit (2005) from Dresden   Here as a senior in 2000-2001


Here's Chris Loch and Doug Linney in San Francisco Sept 2005.  Chris and I have a long history.  He first moved in with me when he was six years old.  For the next 10 years we went through all the "passages" of life that a young man would go through and I learned a lot about the words, "YOUR'RE NOT MY DAD" shouted at high decibels!  But we got through it and now that Chris is "much" older (28 in Dec 2005) I'm proud to say that I'm a part of his life!  He's married and just moved to Utah and is even a homeowner now.  (and a baby on the way in March YIPPIE)  Doug answered an ad in a newspaper in the San Fernando Valley back in the 80's and became a tenant and friend.  He is fiercely Democratic and I was in the "Regan can do no wrong" years, so it made for very interesting time.   Fortunately Doug saw through my temporary insanity and stayed friends with me.  He and his wife Susan and their 2 children live in Alameda.  Doug runs a great little company called which excels at getting political messages out to the voters in his area of California!