Welcome to my Organ Memory page.  As I find pictures of organs on the internet I'm going to add them to this mix, along with some of the interactions I've had with them.

This is a Yamaha EX-42 with twin speaker cabinets.  WOW, it was the king of the pop scene when it came out in the early 70's.  I don't remember it's selling price but around 20,000 seems to be right.  In 1972 I was visiting Winnipeg for the weekend.  When we drove back from the Zoo to our hotel we drove past a Yamaha Music Center.  I owned a Yamaha E-3, a large console, but had only seen pictures of the EX-42.  Happiness just flooded my body as I saw this supermarket sized keyboard store.  The next day we decided to walk down to the store.  Not used to a big city we didn't realize it was about 3 miles, but it was a beautiful day and we just kept walking.  FINALLY we reached the center.  They didn't have a 42 there but in talking to a guitar salesman, he encouraged me to apply for an open position that they had.  I did, they hired me and my life's' career path changed forever.  

This is a Farfisa Duo-Compact.  It's the first organ I every purchased.  I'm thinking back in 1968.  It was $900.00 and purchased from Brent's Music in Crookston.  I probably should have purchased a Vox Super Continental but was just a small town boy and this is what the local music store could order in.  It had a separate power supply type box which which went on the floor.  At first I used a 50 watt Gibson Bass guitar amp and then coupled that with a small home Leslie that had just a bottom speaker that spun.  But for a high school garage band organ player, it was really a great unit!   These pictures were borrowed from an auction site on the internet.  Whoever took them  THANKS!  Identify yourself and I'll give you credit!


Next organ I purchased was a Yamaha E-3

Then a 1961 Hammond B-3 which I owned till May of 2007 and sold back to the man
I purchased from in 1973.  It's now back in Winnipeg where it started out its life.

Then a Yamaha E-5 in Shiny Ebony Finish.  Sure loved that organ.  Also had one of the speaker cabinets like are pictured above for the EX-42, so it had LOTS of power and was very impressive.

Now I own an Albhorn Galanti Digital pipe organ with big twin speakers and a whole rack of keyboards.  Will post more as I find pictures and time.