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#2 Andreas Krause 96-97 from Köln (Cologne) Germany  

Just got these photo's from Andrea's Mother Karen
Blond - Dark hey, it's great to have a Mom that's a hair stylist!  Dec 06   

At some kind of presentation.  Got to get the details.  Dec 06

Flashback 10 years ago...

1st Day of School   Fall '96

In June of 96 the area rep and her young daughters,  from the agency that brings these kids to me, were having a meeting talking about the possibilities of another student.  The girls poured over the list of kids and settled on Andreas.  He arrived on the same flight as another young man from Düsseldorf named Sebastian.  What a pair they made.  Everyone remembers Andreas for his wit and always smiling/joking face.  He can find happiness and humor in any circumstance.  He's been back to visit 3 times, and will be here over Easter of 2004 for the 4th time.  Finally he's decided on a career and is in school to become a designer.  I think he's found something that he can be happy doing.  Along with perpetually playing the guitar!    Andreas' parents came for his graduation and after that we took a big circle trip around the United States. 

Andreas favorite activity!  He could fall asleep at the drop of a hat! 

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